Why not you? Why not now?

Rev. Dr.

Lanette Plambeck

Episcopal Candidate

"Throughout my ministry, God has shown up opening doors and asking of me to lead and love. God has consistently given me opportunity to raise up clergy and laity in holiness of heart and life ministries. I have been given the privilege of serving in 'turn-around' ministries and am committed to being part of the 'turn-around' revisioning and restructuring of an even more vital and vibrant United Methodist future."

Endorsed by the Iowa Conference Antiracism Team

“Late in July …in a series of three key moments – I knew I was called for here and now. It was a call that did not guarantee election to the episcopal office – it was a call that asked me to open myself to the process. And to lay aside my doubts.

‘Why not you? Why not now?’ was the whisper that became a shout.”

Rev. Dr. Lanette Introduction

Rev. LaTonya Calderon
Pastor and Associate Director of Clergy & Leadership Excellence, and General & Jurisdictional delegate