Endorsed by the 2020 General and 2022 Jurisdictional Delegation of the Iowa Conference and the Iowa Conference Antiracism Team

I have known Lanette Plambeck since she began her seminary education. Later I had the opportunity to work with her in her doctoral program on church leadership. From day one, Lanette showed equal passion for sharing Christ and promoting justice. She is Wesleyan through and through in her passion to love God, proclaim Christ, and seek justice.

Lanette is a leader uniquely prepared for our time. She grew up on society’s margins where Methodism started before our long pilgrimage to status and respectability. Now after sixty years of our denomination's retreat from the U.S. mission field, we find ourselves each year standing on a smaller island, apart from and unlike most of today’s population who are younger, more diverse, less educated, and poorer than we tend to be.

Lanette’s broad range of pastoral and administrative experience in the Iowa Conference has been undergirded by her lifelong learning. Lanette knows the life of a soldier and the practices of spiritual disciplines. She has a fine education and can connect with people of all walks of life. She knows what makes for conflict and what makes for peace. In the future United Methodist Church where “all will have a home,” as the Council of Bishops says, there must be leaders such as Lanette who can relate with both empathy and integrity to the changing church and world.

Lovett H. Weems, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership Emeritus, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

Rev. Dr. Michel Lundula, District Superintendent, Iowa Annual Conference

Rev. Abraham L. Funchess, Jr., Executive Director, Waterloo Human Rights Commission, Jubilee UMC, Pastor

Over two decades ago Lanette Plambeck was one of my students at Saint Paul School of Theology. Even then it was clear to me that she would not only be an excellent minister but was gifted for leadership. Her deep devotion to Christ was expressed through her caring presence which touched the lives of others on campus. She was a campus leader, a good listener with a collaborative spirit, but who also could make needed decisions.

From my perspective there are four things which marked her life and ministry then which continue to define it now. First, she is Wesleyan through and through. She understands Wesleyan theology and practice and lives it out day by day. This includes a reliance on God, an optimism of grace, a commitment to Christian formation, and above all to salvation as a life of love for God and neighbor.

Second, she is committed to and skilled in evangelism. She graduated with a specialization in evangelism, understood both as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through word and deed, and as bringing persons not only to faith in Christ but to begin practices of prayer, worship and service that enables one to grow as a Christian.

Third is her compassion for others. She is passionately committed to serving through meeting needs and challenging injustice. In doing this she seeks to work with people, not just for people, listening and learning from others.

Finally, and most importantly is her commitment to Christ. She knows the transforming love of Christ in her own life and seeks to share it with others. She has a deep and abiding relationship with God that is grounded in a vibrant devotional life. As a result, she reflects the love of Christ into the world.

In this time of transition, the United Methodist Church needs the sort of leadership that Lanette would bring to the episcopacy. I endorse her candidacy with confidence and enthusiasm.

Henry H. Knight III (Hal)

Donald and Pearl Wright Emeritus Professor of Wesleyan Studies

and E. Stanley Jones Emeritus Professor of Evangelism

Saint Paul School of Theology

Rev. Bill Poland, Director of Connectional Ministry & New Communities of Faith, Iowa Conference

Kinnick, Kid Pastor, Broadway UMC

Ann Trimble-Ray, District Lay Leader, Iowa Annual Conference

Angie & Windy DiSalvo, Laity, Iowa Annual Conference

Rev. Brian Oliver, Pastor, Iowa Annual Conference

Rev. LaTonya Calderon, Pastor and General & Jurisdictional delegate, Iowa Annual Conference

Angela Hansen-Abbas, District Lay Leader, Riverview Park

The United Methodist Church is in the middle of the storm. We desperately need called and capable leaders who can navigate the rough waters. I have known Rev. Dr. Lanette Plambeck for 20 years, and she is that type of leader. As a spiritual director, reflective supervisor, and trained clergy coach Lanette is gifted at keeping groups and individuals focused on the One who can see us through the storm – Christ.

Wesleyan to her core, Lanette is focused on personal piety and social justice. As an Iowa appointive cabinet member, I have seen Lanette ask difficult questions and live boldly into her values despite considerable push-back. She is not afraid to do what she believes to be just and is skilled at helping others see her point of view.

As Assistant to the Bishop, Lanette is the primary point person in our complaint and supervisory statement of understanding process. She thrives on helping those involved in those tough conversations bring forth health and wholeness even from the most challenging situations. As the Director of Leadership and Clergy Excellence, she excelled at working alongside the Board of Ordained Ministry to sharpen their focus and practice. She was a primary designer of an eight-year assessment process adopted by other annual conferences. Before coming on conference staff, I watched her effectively and efficiently lead congregations of every size.

Lanette is gifted at reading the context she leads within. She is decisive regarding clarity of purpose and vision and supportive in helping others develop and use their gifts. If elected as bishop, I am confident she will not force her views of what should be on to an annual conference. I am sure she will ask the questions to clarify the purpose, determine direction, and empower the next faithful step to fulfill the mission and vision and whatever conference she leads will be better because of her.

I am privileged to endorse her candidacy for Bishop in the North Central Jurisdiction. My only reservation is her election would mean her leaving Iowa! But Iowa's loss would be the connection's gain.

Rev. Dr. Jaye Johnson, Director of Congregational Excellence, Iowa Annual Conference